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Paella – The Global Dish

Paella is one of the most popular and famous dishes found around the world, but to be able to define what it contains is almost impossible due to its many variations. So how does one take a humble dishand turn it into a must have world-wide? The Paella dish originated in Valencia Spain, one of the largest natural ports in the Mediterranean and one of the most important rice-producing areas in Spain since rice was introduced by the Moors over 1200 years ago. In fact, the Spanish word for rice is ‘arroz’, which is derived from Arabic, not Latin like most Castilian Spanish – Food for Thought! It is widely believed that the Paella’s ...

Solero Flamenco This June 6th at Andalucia

We recommend to reserve your table since shows tend to fill up quickly. First show at 8pm Second show at 10pm

Dulce Vida Happy Hour :: Oct. 2nd

Come Join Us for Our Special Happy Hour featuring Dulce Vida Tequila October 2nd.

Tequila Dinner :: June 18th

  Learn from our experts how to experience Tequila the right way. Hear how Tequila is made and how it came to be one of the world finest spirits. Enjoy the masterful pairings between your favorite meal and your favorite Tequila.

Semana Santa :: April 16th

Holy Week in Spain, is one of the country's largest festivities. Semana Santa, or Holy Week, is elaborately celebrated each year. This is the week preceding Easter Sunday or Pascua.   Each afternoon during the week, 17th century floats bearing images of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary, emerge from the old Sevillan churches and process through the streets for hours and hours until finally snaking their way back to the church from which they came. Costaleros bear the weight of these enormous floats, while penitents, both large and small, lead and follow the float bearing traditional capirotes and candles. The eerie and sorrowful flamenco hymns, are ...